See jobs up close.

Ask questions.

Get guidance from established professionals.

Think about where you want to go in life.


northern virginia: space is limited

Students' Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a "career tour" and what age is it for?

Students in 9th - 12th grade take field trips to different offices talking to various professionals about what a typical day in their work life is like. They will share stories with us about how they got to where they are professionally, and often personally. Expect lots of moving around, standing, walking, and short periods in the van (usually about 40 minutes max at a time). You will get to see a lot of different careers that you may or may not like. Students who participated Summer 2017 described it as “Fun, relaxed, amazing, enjoyable, different, engaging, and interactive.” 

2. Where does the group meet?

We will meet near Ballston Metro in Arlington.


3. I don’t know what career I’m interested in, is it ok that I go?

Absolutely! The whole point is to learn more about different careers and opportunities up close and personal. The professionals who receive us are deeply passionate and love sharing their stories. Hearing others’ stories helps students think about themselves and who they want to be. It is informational and specific to different jobs; and you will like some more than others which will be helpful in thinking about where you want to go next.


4. My family can't afford thE fee but i would really like to participate...

We know that not all students can afford to pay and we are committed to providing Career Tours for all students. We offer scholarships, please send an email to hello @ with "Scholarship Request" in the subject line. Include your phone number and someone will be in touch with you about next steps. 


5. What is the dress code?

Semi-professional. Please, no jeans, hats, or clothes that show a lot of skin. You do not need to dress up formally, but dressing somewhat professionally shows you take this opportunity seriously and it is a way to show respect for our hosts and the time that they share with us. 

6. How are we getting there?

In a 15 passenger van.


7. How big is the group?

Space is limited to 13 students.


8. Is a meal provided?

No. But we do have snacks. During the summer camp, there will be a cooler if you want to bring your own lunch and we stop at restaurants. Check the daily schedule (when finalized) for where we will stop to eat. Please make sure to bring a bottle of water daily so you don’t get dehydrated!


9. How do I prepare for the visits?

Make a mental list of questions to ask our hosts. Pay attention to what you are curious about and ask questions around that. Other questions may be: What’s hard about the work they do? What do they enjoy? What do they recommend to you if you want to go in this field? Where did they study? What training and education do you need for different fields? What are the salary ranges for different positions?


10. I'm not sure about college, is it ok that i go?

Yes! Many of the sites/fields we visit offer a variety of opportunities at different educational levels from high school graduate to advanced degree. 


11. What type of jobs do we see?

With an eye to employment trends nationally (The Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University) and locally, we visit a variety industries and at each site we ask hosts to talk about a cross-sector of opportunities, from jobs that require specialized training after high school, to a Bachelor's degree, to a Masters degree or a doctorate.