monday july 9 - thursday july 12: Arlington (Clarendon metro)

monday July 30 - thursday August 2: Annandale (meet at hope lutheran church - respectfully open to students of all faith traditions)

Cost: $325 for the four day session - Scholarships available from Hope Lutheran Church - please email hello @ and let us know what your family can afford to pay. We do not want to turn students away!

4 days

eight+ site visits (Locations still being finalized)

Arlington session: Healthcare, NASA, Architecture, Diplomacy, Psychology, Marketing, and more!

Annandale session: Journalism, Arts, Technology, Law Enforcement, Social Work, Veterinary medicine, Healthcare, and more!


1 workshop

putting the pieces of "career" (work + LIfe) together

To wrap everything up, we will have an inspiring workshop to discuss the different roles we've seen, the various definitions of success, and students will have the opportunity to think about their strengths. Location: GW's Graduate Education Center in Alexandria.

SESSION Cost: $325


0 stress

yeah, we know camps are supposed to be fun

One of the things the 2017 participants were worried about before coming was that it was going to be boring or stressful. Our days are not long and we are received by cool people, find good food, and have fun on the road. 


tuesdays and thursdays: October - december 2018 in arlington

10 sites

pick from a variety of options

After enrolling, we will send a list of options and dates to students to choose sites on a first come, first serve basis. The sites will be firmed up by August 1, 2018. For scheduling purposes visits will be on Mondays and Fridays. 


6 hours

two sessions of group career counseling

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of formal and informal career assessments and help them understand and communicate their strengths, goals, and definitions of success.



1 report

receive a 30 page customized report

For ages 15+, The Highlands Ability Battery focuses on the "Whole Person Model" and helps students confirm or discover their natural talents, aligning them with work roles, functions, and fields.