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Monday july 9 - FRIDAY july 13


5 days

Approximately 15 site visits

Each group will visit different professionals at various educational levels, hearing career path stories and getting advice.



1 workshop @ GWU

putting the pieces of "career" (work + LIfe) together

To wrap everything up, we will have a workshop to discuss the different roles we've seen, the various definitions of success, and students will have the opportunity to think about their strengths and definitions of success. Location: GW's Graduate Education Center in Alexandria.


0 stress

yeah, we know camps are supposed to be fun

One of the things the 2017 participants were worried about before coming was that it was going to be boring or stressful. Our days are not long and we are received by cool people, find good food, and have fun on the road. 

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Take students on Career Tours at your school

While time intensive, this experience is extremely rewarding experience for all involved. 

Career Tours offer students:


The opportunity to talk with professionals and get questions answered is the foundation of this experience. We have a lot of opportunities via technology to connect, but there is something powerful about going in person and seeing work environments up close; all while getting advice from a variety of perspectives on how to find work that is satisfying for you.


One of the biggest takeaways students have from this experience is that nothing is set in stone, there are many different opportunities to find work you enjoy. They also noticed that your college major isn't the "end all be all factor in your success."


In a thoughtful way, students are exposed to additional opportunities that they have not yet considered. We have notions of what different jobs entail, but the opportunity to go more into depth with the professionals who do them every day allows students to make connections and consider possibilities they might not have realized were available to them.

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How can you bring Career Tours to your school?

There are three different options for how we can help:


Download a "How to" Guide


Hire us to consult about the implementation at your school





Use the Strengths Journal to support parents in talking with students and developing confidence in their skills, qualities, and interests.


a tool to support students to develop confidence

The Strengths Journal is available for parents of children of many ages to recognize, understand, document and apply the strengths they see in their children. We have an Early Edition for Ages 3+ which focuses mostly on parent observations. The Middle Edition is for Ages 8+ and it is based on the Highlands Ability Battery. The Personal Progress Portfolio is for High School students, helping them reflect on the skills they have and want to practice, their interests, values, and getting organized to meet their goals.

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a process for dialogue

Parents support their children in an ongoing way of creating conversations and connecting in self-reflective activities to help students define success, identify skills, characteristics, and interests. 


Online download

The Strengths Journal is an interactive PDF download, which you can store securely on your personal device to review and update or print it out and write on, just like an "old fashioned" journal! We recommend that when you work on the Strengths Journal, you turn off notifications on your device, so you can fully concentrate on your child. This is good for your brain and good for your relationship.