We believe in... 

  • Defining "Career" as the way we blend work, relationships, fun, learning, and what’s important to us into our daily life and longterm goals.
  • Supporting students to think about their lives in a inspired, purposeful way
  • Connecting students with local nonprofits, small and large businesses, and government organizations to support their personal growth
  • Exposing students to a variety of sites so that students learn about possibilities they have not previously considered

  • Introducing students to a variety of roles with different educational levels so they appreciate a wide range of “success”

  • Accessibility to this unique opportunity for all students, regardless of background, which means scholarships for students whose families cannot afford the fee. To apply, send an email to hello @ tourcareers.com with the words "Scholarship request" in the subject.


Jennifer Landis-Santos, MA CCC

Jennifer is a well-being coach with a background in career counseling and working with youth and families. She has spent the past fifteen years supporting a wide range of human being development efforts for professionals, leaders, and students. She completed a fellowship at the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce. 



Kathryn Rice is the founder of Grow Career Coaching, a career consulting company specializing in helping people find optimal career paths using their unique talents and personal interests. She is a Pathfinders Aptitude Specialist, has extensive training in career assessment and coaching as well as multiple certifications in the Myers-Briggs Step II Instrument. She is a certified Career Development Facilitator and a member of the National Career Development Association.