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Career Tours

Field trips

Ask questions

Get advice


Career Tours

Field trips

Ask questions

Get advice

"Career tours" is an engaging opportunity for students to see a range of different WORK ENVIRONMENTS up close. Students hear firsthand from the professionals, asking questions and getting advice.


Small groups of approximately 14 students get out of the classroom, see different jobs up close, learn about career possibilities they have not considered, and receive advice on their next steps in life.

Summer camp or after school program

"The experience was very informational and specific. It helps you understand that life comes and nothing is set in stone. Your major or the university you attend is an end all be all to your success. Jennifer was very helpful by treating us like adults and equals as opposed to students."  Laura, 10th grade, Annandale High School

"I'm not going to lie, this was much better than I thought it was going to be. It gave me the opportunity to connect with my peers, and figure out what I'm comfortable with and think about who I want to be. I liked visiting all the different places and riding in the van. " Ben, 11th grade, Washington Lee High School

"I really enjoyed this camp. I have ruled out careers I was previously interested in and added new ones that hadn't occurred to me. Thanks!" Melisa, 12th grade, Yorktown High School

"This summer I had the opportunity to go on career tours with Jennifer and a group of other students. We had up close access to a judge, US Marshals, and a communications director. What I appreciated about this experience is that it opened my eyes to things that I had not previously considered; such as what's important to me, work environment, and character. I recommend these trips to other students." Mauricio, 10th grade, Annandale High School


"An awesome exposure to a wide range of career field options. My daughter benefited tremendously from the summer camp. Thank you!"

"A great opportunity to for students to hear first hand about different jobs from the people who do them and see them in action."

"Each night Daniel has come home full of stories about what he learned on the career tours. Thank you for coordinating this opportunity!"


A FEW Professional host sites IN THE DC AREA

"Having the opportunity to participate in such a positive program with the chance to directly impact bright young kids was fun, fulfilling and simple.  Jennifer runs a very well-organized group and it's clear that the student appreciate the outcomes!" - Ash Shabudin, Capital One

"It was a joy being part of the career tours 2017 and talk about my career as a diplomat. The participants were eager to learn and asked thoughtful questions. It was clear that they were interested in learning more before making one of their first big life choices." Danish Diplomat, Sandra Jensen Landi


This is a unique, interactive, engaging opportunity for students to think about life after high school.

There are several different ways we can support this initiative in your school:

1) Download a "How to" guide for implementation

2) Hire us to consult on how to implement it in your school

3) Hire us to design and deliver it for your school


What's the story behind these career tours?

Recognizing that students don't often have opportunities to get out into professional settings and ask questions, the idea to take students out on field trips or "Career Tours" to see various jobs up close was born as a final project for a credential from the National Career Development Association in 2013. The summer camp was a success: we had generous, hospitable hosts who offered an eye-opening, meaningful experience for students. Students learned about the qualities, training, credentials, skills, and tools it takes to be successful in various lines of work and came away with clarity about what might be a good fit for them in the future. 


Jennifer Landis-Santos, MA, CDF is a bilingual counselor and career specialist. Every year since 2013 she has taken a group of students on "Career Tours." Jennifer has more than a decade of experience working with students and professionals to help them recognize, articulate, and apply their strengths to life and work. Jennifer is co-author of the Strengths Journals. In 2015 she was recognized regionally for her work with Arlington County’s Strengthening Families Program and in December 2016 she completed a fellowship at the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University and is currently studying Leadership Coaching at Georgetown.  Jennifer is a member of the National Career Development Association and a certified Highlands Consultant.