Career Tours
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Career Tours is a unique and engaging opportunity for high school students to go together on field trips and visit established professionals at their own offices. Students hear firsthand from the professionals, learn about career possibilities they have not yet considered, and get advice on their next steps.



Offer students a unique opportunity, career information, and a first hand glimpse into different professional fields. The experience helps students reflect about life after high school.

Often we ask students what they wish to do/be when they grow up. If we help students think about what kind of person they want to be in life, and how they wish to spend their days, a career becomes a vehicle to help students arrive at who they wish to be when they grow up.


Our Programs: Two Formats

scholarships are available


10 Week cohort: Thursdays or Fridays March - may 2018

We offer a ten week program with a cohort of approximately fourteen students. Each cohort includes six hours of group career counseling and vocational assessment interpretation, ten site visits, and a personalized debrief at the end of the experience.

2018 Summer camp: weeks of June 25 or july 9

There are two summer camp offerings in 2018 that include four consecutive days of site visits (approximately 10). The session concludes with a workshop covering basic career planning information.


10 visits

TEn site visits

Each cohort visits with ten different professionals, hearing their career path stories and getting advice.  


6  hours


Students participating in the cohort receive two three hour workshops, where they have the opportunity to take formal and informal vocational assessments and reflect on their strengths, skills, and interests. 


1 debrief

One hour customized debrief

Following the site visits and group sessions, each student receives a thirty page individualized report and meets one on one with a career counselor to reinforce their learning about what settings, roles, and fields are a good fit moving forward.


What hosts say:

"Having the opportunity to participate in such a positive program with the chance to directly impact bright young kids was fun, fulfilling and simple.  The program was very well-organized and it's clear that the students appreciate the outcomes!"

- Ash Shabudin, Capital One

"It was a joy being part of the Career Tours 2017 and talk about my career as a diplomat. The participants were eager to learn and asked thoughtful questions. It was clear that they were interested in learning more before making one of their first big life choices."

- Sandra Jensen Landi, DANISH DIPLOMAT



"A great opportunity to for students to hear first hand about different jobs from the people who do them and see them in action."

Susan, Washington Lee parent


"Each night my son has come home full of stories about what he learned on the career tours. Thank you for coordinating this opportunity!"

Elizabeth, Hayfield parent 


"This summer I had the opportunity to go on career tours with a group of other students. We had up close access to a judge, US Marshals, and a communications director. What I appreciated about this experience is that it opened my eyes to things that I had not previously considered; such as what's important to me, work environment, and character. I recommend these trips to other students." 

Mauricio, 10th grade, Annandale High School




"The experience was very informational and specific. It helps you understand that life comes and nothing is set in stone. Your major or the university you attend is not an end-all-be-all to your success. I also appreciated that we were treated like adults and equals as opposed to students."

Melisa, 11th grade, Yorktown High School