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Career Tours

Not sure where you are going after graduation?


Career Tours is an interactive opportunity for students to have fun, engage with different work environments, hear from inspiring speakers, and get guidance on their steps.


Summer camp format
July 9 - 13, 2018

High school students! Students hear firsthand from the professionals who do these jobs every day, learn about possibilities they have not considered, and get guidance on their next steps.

In VA, DC, and MD

We visit a variety of in-demand career fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, Sales/Consulting, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, International Relations, Arts, and a few more!

A debriefing workshop
Held on the campus of GWU

Students will have a chance to think about the real live case studies they have seen, think about their own strengths and skills, and articulate some future goals.


We believe

We believe that all students should have an opportunity to think about life after high school in a fun, inspiring way.  Seeing a variety of industries, roles, educational levels, and definitions of  “success” helps students have a larger perspective on life as they think about their future.

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Engage. Learn. Consider.

See many different sectors. Learn about the various roles, functions, and environments in different fields. Consider possibilities you might not have thought of before. 



"The experience was very informational and specific. It helps you understand that life comes and nothing is set in stone. Your major or the university you attend is not an end-all-be-all to your success. I also appreciated that we were treated like adults and equals as opposed to students."

Melisa, 11th grade, Yorktown High School